Promotion to Three Stars

So finally the moment came after 35 years since our entry into the PMA with long hair and delicate gait. The pyramid to the top started to take shape, speically when we all reached the rank of majors. Thereafter, there were clippings to keep the pyramid in shape and well defined. In all some 80+ made lieutenant colonels of which almost three dozens made brigadiers.

The journey upward continued when thirteen lucky ones made two stars. But the figure of thirteen did not suit Javed Sultan, who succumbed to the war on terror in a tragic helicopter crash near Kohat. Of the remaining 12, the four lucky ones above (shown in order of seniority of GC numbers) have made Lieutenant Generals. today, 1st October 2010. What a beautiful and promising day for the entire community of the 55th. They really deserved it and our heart beats with joy and triumph seeing these four rising to almost top f the pyramid of Pakistan Army. Our commendations and felicitations to Tariq Khan, Agha Umer Farooq, Salim Nawaz and Zaheer ul Islam and their families. May the be blessed with strength to shoulder their new responsibilities and assignments with utmost degree of integrity, loyalty and best of abilities.

We all celebrated their promotion on a dinner on 23rd October in Islamabad Club. We now wait and see who finally climb the final ladder. It may be no wonder if there are more than one. May Allah be with you four and everyone of us. Ameen.

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