Promotion Dinner 2010

On 23 October 2010, a memorable dinner was held at Golf Club Islamabad to celebrate the promotion of four three stars of our course. The promotion of Tariq Khan, Agha Umer Farooq, Salim Nawaz and Zahir ul Islam has been a source of immense joy for the entire community of the 55th PMA Long Course - an event that marks a step short of the competition of the pyramid (make it two is someone is vying for a Field Marshal).

Unlike routine dinners, this dinner was a "House Full" day for the organizers. While of the confirmed attendees, there always was a 10-20% drop outs, last night was a near nightmare for Asif (the course secretary) and Arbab Zahid Pervez (the Captain of Islamabad Golf Club - our course mates who left PMA in the first term) as the gathering turned out to be a crowd. But the crowd was welcome as everyone wanted to personally congratulate the four newly promoted course mates.

The arrival of the four lucky ones was scattered, may be it was planned or was just a coincidence) to allow sufficient time for everyone to meet, embrace and congratulate the promotees. First one was to arrive was Agha Umer Farooq, followed by Salim Nawaz. Tariq and Zahir came at the end almost together.

I cannot explain the jubilation and warmth of sentiments in the air last night as everyone seemed overjoyed and happy.

Bajwa taking interview of Agha Sahaib while Alamgir shows his appreciation on his reply. Allah Dad in his smart attire with Farooq while the rest move for dinner.

An almost Khalid- 4 reunion (except Kiani who happily joined)

After Agha Umer Farooq, Salim Nawaz walked into the arena and was hugged by everyone.

Photo session of Salim Nawaz continues, while in the sub-sets, Raja complains that "ready" was not given before taking his photograph.

Shahid Maqbool continued to be centre of attraction with his ever smiling face.

Tariq Khan walked in with Zahir Ul Islam and was welcomed by Shoaib Mumtaz who had specially come to congratulate the promoted course mates by taking time off his otherwise busy political life.

Salim Nawaz, Zahir, Shaids (A Q K Shahid and Shahid Maqbool) grouped with some of us

After dinner, the course secretary personally and on behalf of everyone present and not present congratulated the four lucky ones and read out very eloquently written "Sehra", which made everyone smile and giggle (even him too). He also conveyed best wished from Iqbal Badar who was in Dubai, from Munawar and Farooq who were away to attend marraiges of friends and relatives, of Tariq Sher of who could not come due to some domestic ailments. He also informed the house that the next course get together will be held at Mangla Lake, tariq Khan being the host. He also congratulated Mumtaz Bajwa since his two sons had passed out from PMA yesterday. Everyone clapped hard on efforts of Asif and Arbab Zahis for arranging the dinner and managing it well as it was almost getting out of hand due to over-participation of the course mates. At the end, tariq Khan, in his typical style, thanked everyone on behalf of all the four promoted course mates for a wonderful evening that will be remembered for a long time to come.

After the dinner and before the good byes, everyone got together for a group photo taken by me and by Asif to include me in the group (so I hurriedly had to get in) to make the event a memorable one forever.

Before final dispersal, Shakeel Mehdi wanted his son, who has also joined the army, to be photographed with the general officers as a mark of inspiration. As a token of appreciation to Asif and Arbab Zahid, the three generals posed with them to end the day with happy memories.


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