News From Lahore [Part-II]


On 23rd March 2013, daughter of Lt Col Muhammad Iqbal (Retd) got married at Garrison banquet hall, Garrison golf and country club, Lahore. The photograph taken on the occasion is as above.

Group photos of course mates taken at the walima reception of Tassawar's son Aneeq on 27th January 2013.

 Marriage ceremony Son of Brig Ali Raza Qizilbash was held at Rangers Officers Mess Lahore on Nov 3, followed by Walima on 4 Nov. Course mates present at the occasion to greet the newly wed are seen in these pics.  HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO QIZILBASH FAMILY [photos shared by Tariq Fazal on Facebook]

Shirazi with the bridegroom

Reported by SAJS: Almost whole 55 PMA members and their families in Lahore (including Wasif from Karachi) gathered on the eve of Baarat Reception of Muhammad Atharís daughter on the lovely evening of November 2, 2012 in the lush green lawn of Askari IX, Lahore. Here are some of the images from the occasion.

Since departure of Zahir Khan from Lahore, the Lahore chapter has been rather inactive and one could see gatherings only at weddings. However, lately, there was a good get together at Lahore, reports Asghar Javed Shirazi:

Reported by SAJS: Course get together is such an occasion where you need not prove anything to anyone. Everyone knows everyone and everything, more so in case of 55 PMA Long Course who got together on May 12, 2012 in DHA to commemorate the anniversary of their togetherness. We all joined PMA on May 12 long time ago. Another thing you note in any informal course get together is that people donít change; same jokes, same tones, same level of nearness and relationship. Yes, some are still sensitive and edgy on topics they used to be long time ago.

Thanks to Col Athar who had made the get together possible; nicely laid out venue, good food and a lot of talks. We are total 51 course mates living in Lahore. Out of all, 21 could make to the place. After excellent food and prayer for our comrade Samad Lala, Col Athar spoke his heart out on course administrative matters and some outstanding issues were sorted out. Unanimous decision was that we will keep the spirit of 55 PMA and that of Lahore Chapter alive.

Not in Lahore, but closer to Lahore, was the wedding of daughter of Javed Baloch in Sargodha and an open invitation was given for all course mates to be part of the wedding. A sizeable number of course mates went to Sargodha to bid farewell to Javed's daughter to her new home. Aslam had come from Bhawalpur, while Wasif and Zahir from Karachi came via Lahore and brought along a surprise guest - Tahir, who was visiting Lahore from Canada. Many course mates from Rawalpindi and Lahore also attended. Kalyar offered his house for those staying over night and even arranged a breakfast the next day. Here are some hurriedly taken photographs from my cellular phone camera:

Towards the end of the ceremony, Wasif presented a gold set to Javed Baloch on the happy occasion - a tradition that he carries along in Karachi and it was a delight to see him replicating the same at Sargodha.

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