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Sharjeel Hamara

Captain Sharjeel Shahid Shinwarai Shaheed

A poem written by Jamshed in remembrance of Captain Shajeel, son of our dear course mate Shahid Noor, who was martyred a few weeks back in Waziristan

Suno aik Ferzand-e-Touheed ki kahani
meray nacheeze bandey ki zubani

Sharjeel hamara
Sherjeel hamara

Wo "pachpan" ka roshan tara
Maa ki ankh ka raj dullar

Sherjeel hamara
Sherjeel hamara

Shahid kay angan ka Noor
Hamaray dil ka Saroor

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Soum-o-Salat ka Paband
Insanyiat ka ye Peyker Shahzada

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Ba-Waqat Shahdat Khaki mai malboos
ferzand-e-Noor tha apne faraiz pe mamoor

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Jamm-e-Shahdat ki ulfat mey
Sabqat ley gaya ye sher hamara

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Suno aye Pak Fouj kay Jeedaro
la dekho aysaa tabinda sitara

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

kar diya Shahid ka ghar pur-noor
aur walidaah majida ko mahnoor

Sharjeel hamara
Sharheel hamara

Afreen Afreen aye ahilyan noor
kar giya hai fakher sey sir baland hamara

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

Ellahi dua hey ke Roz-e-Mehsher
Sahara baney Jannat ke rah ka

Sharjeel hamara
Sharjeel hamara

    Poem (sorrow) Dedicated to 55th PMA.

Life & sorrow are closely associated,
By life , sorrow is very much fascinated,
By sorrow peace is initially confiscated, sorrow grows when life is sophisticated,
in sorrow all must dip,
by comming under sorrows grip,
all are lashed by sorrow's whip,
to every life sorrow makes a trip,
sorrow nicely shape our mind.
sorrow stops our being blind,
via sorrow remedies we find,
sorrow are indirectly kind,
sorrow must be over come,
for which efforts must be welcome,
at last how strong we become,
it's always sorrow outcome.

in captivity

Dear Bhatti
i wish to extend my sincere gratitude and many thanks to u and all my course mates for remembering me and supporting me in the hard days and times that i am confronted with. I want to specially thank all those who support me silently and don't like to be named in spite of my insistence. yet there are those who have looked the other way inspite of they being in the well placed positions. but what the heck they are all my buddies and I still pray from the bottom of my heart for all as deep inside i know they are the 55ths and i am a part of it.
now I have managed a cell through which i can do the email stuff and this is my 1st outgoing mail with the best possible destination and non other then you who has brought us on the same page. Allah bless you.
it is indeed heartening to see our family glowing faces some in uniform and some in other walks of life. Most have striking parents similarity clear stamp of being from 55th family. I also thank u for putting that poem.

An SMS (addressed to Abid Qadri and Shigri) received from Jamshed today is also shared for everyone's information:

I may be short of words to express myself, but I just want to thank you (Abid Qadri and Shigri) for the pains you took in getting the person apprehended. He is important to me because he is responsible for my doom. He took my money and vanished because of which I have suffered. Now we are on level fields and therefore he is settling up. Shigri is handling the settlement and things are getting favourable and Inshallah the problems will be resolved soon. My family joins me in thanking Qadri and Shigri for much needed timely help. I remain indebted to you guys and I am proud of you. Jammie (2nd June 2012)

Memorable photos of Jimmy he gave me to publish on the Course Website when he was almost a free man - aspiring to be free after all....

Our friend Jimmy (Jamshed Iqbal), the humblest of us all, is presently under great distress and agony. Many of us cannot comprehend the ordeal he and his family are under going right now and God knows for how long they will continue to endure the anguish and hardships.

Jimmy has sent a poem for all of us to read - read it thinking where he is and how miserable he may have been feeling while writing these verses.

Read his poetry and pray for him - May he once again is free like all of us and live life under the blue sky as a free man. Ameen

  Around the corner I have a friend
in this city that has no end

The days go by & weeks rush on
and before I know, a year has gone

I never see my old friend's face

now we are busy, tired man

Tired of playing to make a name

Tomorrow I say I'll call on my friend

Just to show that I'm thinking of him

But tomorrow comes & tomorrow goes

and distance between us grave and grows

Around the corner yet miles away

Here's a telegram: sir, he died today

That's what we get & deserve in the end
Around the corner,  A vanished friend.


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