Remembering Arshad Aziz

Arshad Aziz - a comrade that joined us in May 1975, was relegated to 56th PMA Long Course in the final term. We never knew why, but he was to embark upon a journey with the cadets of 56 PMA Long Course to Murree - a journey that was to take him away from us forever to his heavenly abode, along with more than a dozens other cadets when their bus plunged into a ravine.

For quite sometime, I had only two photos of Arshad Aziz that I shared in the section of the lost ones earlier. Then one day, I received a mail from Dr Tanveer Ahmed Malik, brother of Arshad, who promised me to send more photos of Arshad. Please read the message from Dr Tanveer and see a number of photos sent by Dr Tanveer of Arshad's PMA days as well as that of his burial day. I on behalf of all course mates thank Dr Tanveer for this favour and sharing some of the memorable photos of Arshad.

Dear Jalal Bhai !! AOA

As promised in my last mail, Please find attached few pics of Arshad while he was in PMA and couple of them of his burial. I shall be thankful to you if you could label the names of his course mates in these pictures. I could only recognize General Zahir ul Islam with who happened to be his close friend.

Wasalam and regards - Dr Tanveer Ahmad Malik

As pointed out by Dr Tanveer, General Zaheer figures out prominently in the photos - others who also are frequently seen are Asif Alvi, and Faheem Khawar.

New Photographs of Arshad sent in by his brother Dr Malik (above and below)

Arshad Aziz was a debater (as seen from photo on the left) - the centre photo shows a rifle cleaning inspection by none other than Captain Ghulam Nabi (I wonder his rifle passed or not) - The photo on he left is from his third term photo on the Burma Bridge of the assault course.

The full platoon photo of our second term - Arshad sits third from the right

The first term photos and the saluting test on the right

Memories of the first term - in the mess (left) also shows late Khurshid - Yramuk "get together" (right)

Second Term

Group photo with cadets ex 56 PMA Long Course

A memorable photo with General Zia ul Haq

The fateful day, the bus, ravine, Murree and death

The military funeral - Khuda Hafiz Arshad Aziz forever. May Allah bless you. Ameen

Asif Alvi in his mail remembers Arshad: What a sweet person he was and being his side room mate i have vivid memories of him. I feel he was the most sophisticated prospective office, full of wit and equally mature. He was in deep love with one of his cousins and was planning a wonderful life but God has his own ways and directions of destiny for humans. When i reflect about his, barring his running capabilities, probably he should have ended amongst to cadets. Even in the hard days of PMA he was a veracious reader. He had intimate friend ship with Gen Zahir, and you may fine more insights into his personality from him. God may bless his soul. Ameen

Asif remembers Arshad and says, "Arshad Aziz was in our platoon (Tariq-I) and relegated in 1st term on physical grounds as he was very week in PT (A CASUALTY CAUSED DUE TO ------ATTITUDE Of Gen G. M Malik, the then Bn Comd). After relegation he became part of 56 PMA L/C. A group of about 40 to 50 cadets went to Murree on excursion trip on one of the week end and on their way back they met an accident and in which many cadets were killed and Arshad was one of those. Arshad was very humble, quite by nature and through gentle man, in short span of 6 months which he spent with Tariq-I, he became friend of almost all platoon mates. This is what I know about him."

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