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I am introducing this new section for news and views of our comrades, who chose to live in distant lands, yet being very close to our hearts. Perhaps the first one was Jamil (Bravo) who left for Canada and enjoy the cold and the Niagras (and perhaps Viagras). Then a few other followed the suit and now we have Vincent Samuel, Shahid Awan, Tahir Khan and Naveed Akbar Khalid in Canada. In USA we have Gilani, Haroon and Iltaf. All are well settled, by the grace of Allah, and are doing fine. It is sad that we lost Shahid Aslam in Canada recently

  The update on Tahir's health as of 31 March 2013: Jamil from Canada has updated Tahir's health state on Facebook and says: Tahir is feeling much better out of hospital and out of danger. He is in his cozy home in Brampton, Ontario, Canada now!

I visited Tahir at Brampton Civic Hospital Today March 17, 2013. He is improving fast,out of coma and ICU too. I spent about 3 hours with him. Showed and conveyed all the messages on the Face Book. I also individually told him about how every single course mate is praying and wishing great health soon. He was tired and sleepy but still talked to me about some individual course mates. Khan is quite changed man, smiling and humble, God fearing. Hats off to his better half who take care of him like a 2 years old. His lovely daughter who is doing PHD in another city of Canada was also there to support her mother and be with the Dad (Daddy's Darling). His younger brother Dr Shahzad Khan came all the way from New Zealand to see his dear brother Tahir Khan. Tahir's daughter and wife brought Hot Coffee from the Tim Horton's for me and my wife, it was delicious. Jamil Canada

Tahir's Message:
I am really thank full to all my course mate (Brothers in Arms) for being concerned and worried during my serious sickness and remembering me in your prayers. I read all the sweet messages on the Face Book and Jamil also conveyed the personal messages of most of you.How lucky and blessed I am, to have Brothers like all of you. Please keep praying for me so I get back on my feet and visit all of you in Pakistan soon. 
Tahir Khan
Room: N2 733 Brampton Civic Hospital, 
Brampton, Ontario, Canada Hosp: 1 905 494 2120 Ext: 51259


 6 September 2011 Celebrated by our Canadian Chapter - Last Time Shahid Aslam was in Photos

The Defence Day was celebrated by our Canadian Chapter in Toronto, Canada on 6 September 2011. Shahid Aslam, Naveed, Jamil and Tahir are seen celebrating the event with their families and eating heartily. The photos have been shared by Jamil, who always keeps us posted of their get togethers. We wish all in foreign lands the very best of luck and hope they would continue to celebrate all days to remember with same zeal and smiles.


Jalal Asslam Alikum: I am sending you some pictures of our mini get-together on the eve of Passing Out Day Celebrations of 55th PMA Long Course at Toronto Canada on April 17th 2011. 

Myself, Tahir and Naveed participated, Shahid and Vincent were sick hence could not attend the event.

There is a picture of Tahir Super Market and also some of the photographs taken by us during our visit to Pakistan at your home and few at Furrkh Hayes home ( see these photos here ). Thanks  Jamil Canada


Jamil has sent three photos (above), of two get together in year 2009 recently to me. The first photo on left was taken in Naveed's residence, while the latter two were at Jamil's house. Although they are very close to places from where technology originates, the quality of photos is not matching.


This is an un-dated photograph of Rauf's visit to Canada, which had recently been shared by Jamil Bravo. All are smiles and it is good to see Tahir also in the Canadian group. We wish all of them more smiles and happiness.

Zahir Khan is a frequent visitor to these lands and Jamil Bravo is usually the host. The report from Jamil reads: We recently had a get together when Zahir Khan visited Toronto Canada on a very short visit. Tahir Khan arranged a lavish,5 star dinner and we all shared good old times and had so much to talk and share, we also connected Iltaf from USA on line and included him virtually. Zahir left with a promise to be back next year. In USA we have Iltaf, Gilani, Haroon ..................... I have also been thinking of having a Course Get together at Niagra Falls Canada. This the world's best Honeymoon spot but equally popular amongst Retireess.....!!!!!!!! I can assure you enjoy every moment spent at Niagara, please don't mix it with Viagra. But it does have the kind of affect too, rather much more healthier, soothing and smooching. People with all kind of poor heart and ........,conditions must visit its natural don't say you know why Zahir Khan visits every year.....still so young...not me ask him.  Jamil Canada

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