55 PMA LONG COURSE - Eid Milan at NDU-2011 55 PMA LONG COURSE - Eid Milan at NDU-2011 55 PMA LONG COURSE - Eid Milan at NDU-2011 55 PMA LONG COURSE - Eid Milan at NDU-2011

Eid Milan Party at NDU

On 10 September 2011, an Eid Milan Party was arranged by Lt Gen Agha Umer Farooq, President NDU at the NDU Banquet Hall, Islamabad. A large number of course mates along with their lady wives attended. Herein under are some of the photos taken on the occasion by me from my cellular phone camera. The multiple photograph combinations have been provided by Asif Ilays. 

Lt Col Liaquat had his first appearance (above left sitting with Sahu) in course get togethers. All course mates and their lady wives were cordially received by the host and his lady wife. The entire hall was full with laughter and hugs as and when a new entry was made. Then all were summoned for a well laid out dinner in the banquet hall of the NDU. The music played by a group of musicians added much spice to the multi-course dinner.

While it may not be possible to list who were present, but one can list a few who were not there, like Salim Nawaz, Shahid Qadir, Ashraf Tabbassum, Tariq Sher, Mansoor (was probably out of the country), Ali Akbar (since he sent me an e-mail regretting his absence) and.. who else". Yes - Shoab Mumtaz!! he missed out on account of death of a relative and yet again dodged out an opportunity to present the promised Rs. 100,000 cheque for the course fund.

But I must say a majority of course mates did make it as it was a gifted opportunity of the year after Mangla to get together.

After the dinner, the honourable Course Secretary got everyone together in a corner and apprised them about accounts and various other matter of mutual interest.

It was also announced that keeping the previous tradition of marriages between sons and daughters of course mates, another even was forthcoming in October later this year when the matrimonial knot between son of Aman Ullah and daughter of Ghori will be tied.

Everyone was also presented with a souvenir, a shield of over three decades bondage specially gifted by Major Wasif at the end of the dinner. everyone applauded and clapped heartily and thankfully for Major Wasif.

It may be added here that Major Wasif has these shields prepared from his own pocket and has sent to all course mates. If anyone has not received this beautiful shield, he may contact the Course Secretary.

Allah Dad made the last move of Three Cheers for the host and the course, and everyone joined in loudly to second the much desired move.

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