55 PMA LONG COURSE - 2012 Get-Together - Mangla Day-1 55 PMA LONG COURSE - 2012 Get-Together - Mangla Day-1

Annual Get Together 2012 Mangla


Day - 1, 29 September 2012

A wonderful dinner was arranged by Tariq Khan on the Sunset Park of Mangla. Although a large number of course mates attended the main event of the get together  on 30th September on the raft in the Mangla Dam Lake, a sizeable number from them had arrived a day earlier for an overnight stay at Mangla and to attend the dinner. Very detailed and elaborate arrangements had been made by Tariq Khan's staff and headquarters accommodating everyone in guest rooms both in Mangla Garrison and at Jhelum Garrison Mess.

Following are some of the photos taken by Jalal at the Sunset Park:

Following photos have been shared by Asif Ilyas:

Photos shared by Mushtaq

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