DAY - 2 (12th April 2009)

Though the attendance was not as rich as 2008, still more than 50 officers and their families made it to the second day. This is the group photo that marked the closing of the event. I wish all of them (and those not present) and their families and grandchildren the very best of of life and happiness for ever.

Para Gliding demo at PT School (Photo courtesy Tariq Fazal)

The proceeding of the day included a trip to the PT School for a spectacular Para Gliding show and a demo on Unarmed Combat. The families were taken to the venue under centralized transport arrangements after a nicely laid out breakfast in the Piffers Officers' Mess. While the golfers stayed back for a 9-holes match.

Upon return of the families from the PT School, putting competition for the ladies and children, folk dances by recruits of the Piffers Centre, mouth watering brunch, lots of laughter and photos followed.

Tariq Fazal at PT School trying to Para Glide

Folk dances by recruits of the Piffers Centre


Musical Chair - Ladies (Left) - Group Photo old pals Khalid-4/Tariq-1 (Right) - Tony is Guest Artist

Small groups - shared by Asif Ilyas

Pre-Food Gup Shup (Shared by Asif Ilyas)

The prize distribution ceremony was the last event to award prizes ladies-children and male golfers and participants of musical chair. The best part of the ceremony was the departure from the usual and instead of calling the seniors members, Hashim and Ikram Kiani were invited for prize distribution. For giving away prizes to the ladies and girls, Begum Javed Sultan was honoured to be the chief guest for the day and called upon to give away the prizes. Before the prize distribution ceremony, Munawar Ahmed Solheria headed a joint "Fateha" for all the deceased course mates, near and dear ones of those alive and a prayer for the love and happiness for all course mates, their families and relatives. While winding up, the course secretary Asif commended and lauded the efforts of Ghazanfar and the Piffers Centre for making the gathering a memorable and cherished event forever. Asif must also be complemented for taking a departure from the usual for selecting the Chief Guests and event guests and also assisting Ghazanfar for arranging and coordinating the show.

END NOTE: This time the event ended abruptly and there was no Three Cheers for Ghazanfar as we did last year - perhaps everyone was in a hurry to fall back. So it is Three Cheers for Ghazanfar and the Piffers Centre - Hip Hip Hooray - Hip Hip Hooray - Hip Hip Hooray.

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