DAY - 1 (11th April 2009)

Well the Day-1 started as usual - the dinner at the Piffers Mess. Oh but before that reaching to the guest room duly escorted, changing over and then rushing to the mess. And it was already full with familiar faces, lady wives and lots of children - someone remarked that this year there are more children than the last year. The food was sizzling and plenty both in quantity and in variety. Everyone seemed to be doing just the right kind of justice (don't get alarmed, no lawyers were on the road except Farooq the Poet who was well within the mess and controllable). After the food, Ghazanfar, the host, welcomed all and everyone cheered for his efforts to have us gathered once again to celebrate the 34th year of our passing out since 1977.

Meeting on Day-1 (shared by Asif Ilyas)

Since there was no Tattoo Show this time, we all headed for the Piffers Auditorium for Orchestra and musical evening. The event started with spectacular display of brass band, which played superb melodies and drew our whole hearted applause.

After the band show, there was music and lots of it. The opening was made by "Bulbul-e-Hazara" - a local talent Rabia, who sang non stop for hours altogether. There were many occasions when some of us got to their feet and danced on the melodies. But despite many efforts, Raja refused to get up and join the dancing friends on the pretext of a bad foot. We missed Saleem Sarwar who danced with a jerk of his beard last year and made everyone enjoy the music. We also missed Zahir Khan when the famous song "Main Kala Joda paya thahadi fermaish tay" was sung since when the same song was sung last year, he invited me to dance and we both had a few steps together to enjoy this beautiful song (He could not join due to death of his mother in law a few days ago). We also missed Iqbal Badar when the song "Maujan Maujan" was sung, since last year it was he who specially requested this song to be sung and lot of us got near the stage and danced madly.

There were nice and juicy interruptions by TONY, whose humorous singing and skits made everyone laugh and enjoy the show. There was a gap between the second session of Rabias' which was filled with two local singers who sang ghazalas and pop songs.

The show continued till 2 am in the morning and was brought to a forced end since the next day the programme was set to start at 9 am. The last song was a Luddi and we all danced on the tune and while dancing got out of the auditorium, saying good bye to a very pleasant, memorable and incredible show - a night we shall remember with nostalgia for years ahead.

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