DAY - 2 (13th April 2008)

The Greatest Show on the Earth

More than 60 officers along with their families and children came to Abbottabad to share the joy and fun that was artfully laid out by Ghazanfar Ali and the Piffers Centre - a two day event that will be cherished and remembered by all of us for as long as we are. I would specially like to mention of Aslam, who had come all the way from Bhahawalpur, changing buses and hiring taxis to attend the gathering - bravo!!

The proceeding of the day included a 9-Holes match for the golfers, putting competition for the ladies and children, a power-gliding demo, band display, folk dances by recruits of the Piffers Centre, mouth watering brunch, lots of laughers and photos.
After the golfers, the first to enter was the smartly dressed brass band of the Piffers Centre. The marched into the ground and came close to the specially allocated space for them to occupy it for the day.
While the golf match was in progress and the ladies were busy in the putting competition, there appeared a lone power glider right in front of the arena and attracted every one's attention. The glider circled the arena and came very close before pulling up and finally landed into the lush green patch in front of the visitors' stand which was cordoned off on both side by equi-spaced over hundred years old towering cedar trees. Children and officers both went to the glider and congratulated him for his superb gliding ability while the glider answered various questions put forth by the inquisitive children.
Then, while the officers formed into various groups to chat and share old memories, there was a musical chair for the ladies. It was well contested competition with lots of pushes, finally wives of Jalal and Najeeb remained to contest the final. It was well contested by both competitors and ultimately Mrs. Jalal won it.
Then the finally awaited brunch was served with delicious Halwa Poori combination and of course our national bird chicken wasn't forgotten. After the brunch, the Piffers Centre recruits presented superb folk dances and everyone joined in to dance to the typical Pushto beat of the famous songs. Qadri, besides other was prominent in dancing to the melodious tunes, adding more joy to the event. Interestingly, Khatak was rather reluctant to dance - a mystery perhaps.


The prize distribution ceremony was the last event to award prizes ladies-children and male golfers and participants of musical chair. More photographs will be added as and when received from Ghazanfar and other course mates. No award for the winning tug of war team as Qadri - the sports sergeant of Tariq company made it more of a fun game rather than a competition. We all enjoyed it - though.

The proceedings of the ended with a thank-you from Azhar Ali Shah to Ghazanfar Ali, his tem and the Piffers Centre and a hip hip hurray for them. Then as a good will gesture, everyone threw Ghazanfar in the air three times. Then slowly and gradually every one started to leave - embracing each other with a hope to meet again next year - INSHALLAH. and so came to an a two days mega event - laid out very well painstakingly by the organizers - certainly this get together was the best so far held and its beautiful memories would be cherished as long as we are. THANK YOU GHAZANFAR and everyone who made it to Abbottabad.

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