DAY - 1 (12th April 2008)

The Greatest Show on the Earth

Reception: Right from the moment we moved in - we were nothing but impressed. Rushing from Rawalpindi after attending Naeem Anwar Butt's daughter's marriage, the first impression was great. We were received with a very efficient reception committee who received us with warm and open arms. A motorcyclist guide was there to take every guest to his guest room and like everyone, I too was taken up on the Baloch Mess in Zarhoon VIP room. We hurriedly changed clothes and rushed back to the Piffers Mess main dinning hall, which was already hustling and bustling with course mates, families and their children. And let me confess what a grand dinner was laid out for us. The clattering of Piffer Mess silvery cutlery and giggles and laughers of course mates and their families made such beautiful music that could not have ever been written. Ghazanfar and his better half were busy greeting and looking after the guests with a big smile on their faces.

After the great dinner, everyone was taken to the Piffers stadium for an impressive Tattoo Show - something which has unfortunately fading out of of our traditional fanfare and most certainly for many, even the grown ups, it was the first show. For me it reminded me of my childhood when I witnessed the Tattoo Show during the once famous Horse and Cattle Show in Lahore cantonment as far back as 1964. The show was organized into two segments: the first comprised of recruits carrying the covered candles who performed various beautiful combinations and feasts. But the actual performance and applause came when some hundred  recruits of the Piffers Centre marched in from three corners holding burning torches - the actual Tattoo Show. It drew  much applause when the first arranged to WELCOME the spectators, followed by 55th PMA LONG COURSE. Everyone jumped from the seats to give them a big hand. later the performed a number of breath taking combinations which were both breath taking and spectacular.

After the spectacular Tattoo Show, all of us were taken to the Piffers auditorium for musical evening. First of all the Piffers brass band played some of the finest melodies. The narration-cum-band melodies of folk lore "Sassi" was simply impressive. The shinning instruments of the brass band add further luster to the show.
After the band display, it came as a nice surprise to me when I was requested to come over the stage and introduce my website to the audience. The VPS was specially placed with some of the sections of the site downloaded from internet. While explained the website, I drew tremendous support and applause from everyone - which really moved me. Some had seen the site for the first time and everyone vowed to see it direct from the internet once the went back. For this I specially thank Ghazanfar Ali for providing me an opportunity to introduce the site to the audience.

 The Musical Evening  (turned morning): After the band show, we had a grand music night, which later turned out to be a musical morning since it ended around three in the morning. A local talent Rabia, though physically handicapped but with a beautiful voice, was invited who sang on non stop to the invitations of everyone. From soft melodies to thrilling songs, making many to jump into the arena and dance to the beat. Those who actively participated included Azhar ali Shah, Zahir, Badar, Saleem Sawar, Iqbal, Munir, Saeed, Akram, Tony and others. Saleem Sarwar's dance was very interesting and his shaking of the beard added fun for the audiance. Besides, Tony and Haider also came on the stage and moved the audience with Tony's peculiar style, while Haider recited verses from his beautifully written poetry - a facet of him we had never known before.

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